About Me

So, here I am with my second blog.

I’m Aadi.


So, that’s me. At least, that’s my sketch. Yeah. I know. It doesn’t look good. I’m not a great artist and all.

So, coming back, I am an 18 year old kid currently doing a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at The Cochin College. I love English literature course but hate our syllabus and our question paper format. I love to read books, especially short stories. I might even try my hand at it here in the blog; in the ‘Time for a story” menu. My favourite author is R.K.Narayan. I also love to read Premchand. Not a fan of the novel, though I read them occasionally.

Umm… Then… Ahhh! I love to watch films. I aspire to become a – Ahem – a film-maker. My favourite director is Mani Ratnam. I also love Bharathiraja, Bhagyaraj, Blessy, Ranjith, Sathyan Anthikkad, Priyadarshan, Balu Manhendra… (Friend : Sorry for interrupting. But it has to end somewhere. The list goes on and on. He is a fool. Really.)

Friend : Did he mention that he loves to teach? Yeah, he loves to teach. He can also become a teacher. I have to say that he is often very irritating. When someone talks seriously, he makes a joke out of it. Can’t say it is a joke, we have a word here that describes it: Valipp. (…Kim Ki duk, Samir Thahir, V.K Praksh, Gautham Vasudev Menon…). He never helps me during exams. I’m actually ruining you by doing that, he says.

He likes to write. But always leaves everything incomplete. He has also wasted his dad’s money on courses that he joined but never comlpeted; Drawing class, entrance coaching, abacus class, music class, gym (Fees: 300. Paid in full for one month. Went there only for a day) and many more. And his stories are not that good. He has poor vocabulary.

Shut up. That’s not true. (Friend : You know it is). Forget him. So… I love to listen to music and also try to sing a few lines. (Friend : And he is good at it too. He is a bathroom singer). My favourite music directors include A.R. Rahman, Ilayaraja, Harris Jayaraj, G.V. Prakash Kumar, Vidhyasagar et al.

I am very much intrigued by the brain and the mind. To me, they are God. Hence I also like to study psychology.

Hmm… Then what?… Oh! I love to watch cartoons. My favourite character is Bugs Bunny. I love Courage, Dexter, Simpsons (especially Homer and Bart), Ed Edd and Eddy, Mike Lu and Og and many more. I really miss them all. I am proud to declare that I see cartoons even now and am not ashamed by it. I love to study animation.

So, that’s all, folks. Now read the blog and enjoy. (Friend : If possible).

P.S. Please do not copy or modify my stories. Please notify me first and give me a link later as to where it is posted. And credit me too.

P.P.S. And amateur film-makers who sit there waiting for stories to come fly and land on their laps, can borrow my stories to make into a short film (Friend : Oh! Yeah. Like anyone’s going to do that. Don’t they have any better job to do?). I’m only proud of that. But please notify me, credit me (Come on guys. I deserve something, don’t I?) and give me the link of the film later.


Oh, yes. I forgot to mention. To those who don’t know, my other blog is



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